About The Book

Campfire Leadership™ is a fable that takes a personality approach to learn how to effectively lead others.

Follow Jim Knight on his journey to understanding the four main leadership styles. Learn how combining these various styles create the ultimate leader, a Campfire Leader.

The Spotlight Leader

The Spotlight Leader is easy to recognize – or hear. They look for any opportunity to put the focus on them, even at your expense.


The Torchlight Leader

The Torchlight Leader, like a torch, shines just enough light to let you see only far enough ahead to really wonder where you’re going.


The Disco Light Leader

The Disco Light Leader is easy to identify due to their animated nature and their constant desire to be the center of attention.


The Lighthouse Leader

The Lighthouse Leader, always warning of impending doom, focuses more on empirical data than on interpersonal skills.

Learn to combine these various styles to create the ultimate leader, a Campfire Leader.


The Campfire Leader

The Campfire Leader is the type of leader that we should all aspire to be. Just like a campfire, they are warm, inviting and easy to spot. Their leadership style lights up the surrounding area making it easy to spot them as a leader. Also like a campfire, we are drawn to these kinds of leaders. They have passion for leadership making them easy to trust, because you know that they care for your well-being.

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